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Inspirations from Napa

Exploring the flavors of Napa

Oberon Wines is steeped in the rich culture of Napa Valley, a region which bursts with artisans of all kinds, from talented chefs to cheesemongers and butchers, all helping to build the Valley’s culture and community. 

Oberon’s winemaker Tony Coltrin, a local Napa Valley artisan in his own rite, hosts our Home Chef Series which features his tours throughout Napa where he visits with his long-time friends and favorite purveyors, sharing local inspirations, delicious recipes and entertaining tips he finds along the way.      

Oberon Wines & Model Bakery

Model Bakery

For nearly a century, The Model Bakery has been an integral part of the Napa Valley culinary scene, providing discerning and hungry residents and Valley visitors with the best breads and pastries. Available at three locations throughout Napa Valley, proprietors Karen Mitchell and her daughter Sarah Mitchell Hansen specialize in artisan breads made with organic stone ground flours and a complete range of pastry products from the best specialty ingredients. As staples of the Napa Valley, it’s only natural that Tony and Sarah would come together to share their roots and divulge the delicious Oberon wines to pair with the bakery’s over 17 varieties of breads and multitude of sweet and savory pastries.

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Oberon Wines & Feast it Forward

Feast it Forward

Katie Hamilton Shaffer says that incredible things can happen when you bring together kind people over fantastic food, wine, and music. With this mindset, Feast It Forward has flourished in the lifestyle space by providing artisan products, events, and how-tos to further the Napa community and give back. Oberon proudly sponsors Katie who runs a brick-and-mortar studio and showroom in Downtown Napa. Her Napa style invites you in to taste wines of the region, shop local artisans, and interact with the community. You can join a wine tasting, visit their open mic studio, or shop within the heart of Napa Valley. Online, you can explore their online offerings and indulge in the Feast.Network, which airs food and wine luminaries sharing their craft and recipes. For our Home Chef series, Katie shares her go-to products and recipes with Oberon winemaker and friend Tony Coltrin.

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Oberon Wines & Oxbox Cheese & Wine Merchant

Oxbow Cheese & Wine Merchant

The Cheese & Wine Merchant can be found in Napa's famous Oxbow Public Market. Located in the heart of downtown, visitors frequent the Merchant to enjoy a wonderful selection of artisanal cheeses, small-production wine, as well as delicious cheeseboards created by their talented cheesemongers. The Oxbow Cheese & Wine Merchant is the sister store of San Francisco’s beloved Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant and Wine Bar, founded in 2003.

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Oberon Wines & C Casa

C Casa

Let expert Catherine Bergen of C Casa Restaurants up your Mexican-inspired home dinner with innovative ideas for Home Chef. According to Catherine, a fish taco made with freshly caught fish inside of a handmade tortilla can be a life-changing experience. Gaining inspiration from the beaches of Baja California, she dreamt of opening a taqueria that would serve the fresh and healthy foods that she experienced. She succeeded by eventually opening multiple popular and beloved locations in the San Francisco and the Bay Area. She, in turn, wants to inspire you with her simple, professional, and elegant tips for your next Mexican-inspired gathering.

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