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Our Heritage Has Been Shaped by Legends

"If the grapes are the heart of a wine, the people are its soul."

I was born and raised in St. Helena, Napa Valley and have spent over 50 years making wine from some of the best Napa Valley vineyards. As a teenager, the grandfather of one of my closest friends suggested that I work a harvest at a winery to connect my knowledge of the vineyards with my growing love for wine and food. After that first harvest, I was hooked.

My love and knowledge of winemaking in the Napa Valley have helped in sourcing grapes of the highest quality to best express the vineyards here. Making Oberon wines allows me to embrace that joy of Napa Valley winemaking and, with the Michael Mondavi Family, produce wines that reflect the heart and soul of who we are and Napa's premier and emerging appellations. Being a winemaker is not something I do every day; being a winemaker is who I am every day.

- Tony Coltrin, Headwinemaker for Oberon Wines

Napa Valley Vineyards

Over the years, I continue to be amazed by the diversity to be found within Napa Valley vineyards. Collaborating with local growers year after year allows me to ensure a consistency in the quality of the grapes grown for Oberon in premier and emerging Napa Valley sub-appellations. - Tony Coltrin, Head Winemaker

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