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Feast It Forward

Napa Valley Food, Wine, and Lifestyle with a Purpose

Katie Hamilton Shaffer says that incredible things can happen when you bring together kind people over fantastic food, wine, and music. With this mindset, Feast It Forward has flourished in the lifestyle space by providing artisan products, events, and how-tos to further the Napa community and give back.

Oberon proudly sponsors Katie who runs a brick-and-mortar studio and showroom in Downtown Napa. Her Napa style invites you in to taste wines of the region, shop local artisans, and interact with the community. You can join a wine tasting, visit their open mic studio, or shop within the heart of Napa Valley. Online, you can explore their online offerings and indulge in the Feast.Network, which airs food and wine luminaries sharing their craft and recipes.


Katie shares her go-to products and recipes with Oberon winemaker and friend Tony Coltrin.

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