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C Casa

Reimagine your next Mexican food fiesta with C Casa Napa Valley and Oberon

Let expert Catherine Bergen of C Casa Restaurants up your Mexican-inspired home dinner with innovative ideas for Home Chef. According to Catherine, a fish taco made with freshly caught fish inside of a handmade tortilla can be a life-changing experience. Gaining inspiration from the beaches of Baja California, she dreamt of opening a taqueria that would serve the fresh and healthy foods that she experienced. She succeeded by eventually opening multiple popular and beloved locations in the San Francisco and the Bay Area. She, in turn, wants to inspire you with her simple, professional, and elegant tips for your next Mexican-inspired gathering.


C Casa’s secret to tacos

Start your tacos with fresh white corn tortillas, handmade if possible. At C Casa, this is the canvas for the art. If you cannot buy fresh tortillas, be sure to warm your tortillas. If you have a gas stove, put the tortillas directly on the burner, and turn frequently until you have a little char that makes all the difference.

C-Casa Salmon Tacos

C Casa-inspired salmon tacos

Perfect for the Home Chef

Making your own Salmon Tacos at home is incredibly easy!

Grill your fresh salmon filet, either in your kitchen or outside on the grill. Add tossed greens such as thinly sliced lettuce with a lime-cumin vinaigrette.

Add roasted corn salsa followed by avocado crema. Top with cilantro and a red pepper accent. 

Creating your own taco bar:

People like different types of meats, some people like chicken, some want fish, and some want steak. Grill your meats and put those out. Put out your condiments and your tortillas and you have yourself a taco bar!

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