Oberon Wines from Napa, California

Picnic Guide

The perfect picnic can be the highlight of any summer day! After all, what's not to love about beautiful scenery, delicious food, great company and Oberon Wines? Let us help you plan your perfect picnic with this quick and easy guide to fantastic food and wine pairings and essential picnic packing tips to help you enhance and make the most out of your summer plans.

Enjoy our guide below when packing your picnic basket!

Light & Fresh

If you're looking to keep your picnic light and fresh, then look no further than Oberon Sauvignon Blanc. With it's crisp zestiness, it's the perfect wine to enjoy outdoors on a hot summer day.

Basket Suggestions:
- Fresh peaches or kiwi
- Goat cheese and Gouda with crackers - A fresh seasonal salad that you can quickly combine and toss - Pre-made sandwich featuring vegetables or fish - Fruit cobbler or lemon bars for dessert

Crisp & Rich

Our Oberon Chardonnay is the perfect choice for those warm days that still call for a crisp white wine, but with a richness that adds to the cool breeze. This wine begs to be paired with a poultry dish that you can cook at home, wrap in foil and take to the park to enjoy.

Basket Suggestions

- White pear and apples
- Goat cheese or soft cows milk cheese and crackers
- Bread and cold cuts, or soft pretzels
- Hearty salads featuring a meat
- Potato Salad
- Pre-grilled chicken and potatoes
- Apple Torte for dessert

Flavorful & Mellow

If you are in the mood for a more robust outing, Oberon Merlot is the perfect wine. It's dark fruit flavors is a wonderful pairing with lighter dishes. Pack your basket with some pre-made dishes that can be enjoyed cold, head out to an open field, and enjoy a glass while cloud watching.

Basket Suggestions

- Strawberries and blueberries
- Provolone cheese, salami, and a baguette
- Savory side dishes
- Basic sandwiches or something off the grill
- A delicious berry tart or cupcakes for dessert

Big & Rich

Oberon Cabernet Sauvignon is rich, complex and full of flavors, making it the go-to wine for your BBQ picnic plans. Pack together some grilling must-haves, head to your favorite park with a grill, and enjoy a day of relaxing away from the house.

Basket Suggestions

- Plums and blackberries
- Blue cheese, aged cheddar, and chorizo
- A classic burger
- Roasted vegetables
- Dark chocolate cake for dessert

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