Wine, Cheese and Charcuterie Guide

Wine Party Guide

The Hardware

While you really don't need much to enjoy your wine, cheese and charcuterie party, having the right equipment helps.

From glassware to knives, enjoy this comprehensive guide to finding the right right supplies for your event.

The Glassware

Wine Glasses Infographic

You don't need a unique glass to have an amazing wine experience. Choosing a universal glass, like Bordeaux or Burgundy, is a great way to utilize one glass per person for the entire tasting. Red wine glasses have a larger, deeper bowl, which allows the wine's aromas to better circulate and manifest themselves. The more narrow openings of white wine glasses allow for the bouquet to gather and accentuate the drinking experience. The stem of a wine glass allows you to hold the glass without interfering with the wine's temperature. If a wine becomes too warm the aromas and flavors can become muted.

The Cutlery

Cheese Knives Infographic

It's important to have a unique knife for each cheese to avoid mixing the flavors. Basic kitchen and butter knives will work perfectly for your tasting; however, this complete guide has everything you need to know about specialized cheese cutlery.

  1. Fork-Tipped Spear: Use for a variety of firm cheeses. The fork tip can be used for serving.
  2. Hard Cheese Knife: Can be used to cut any hard cheese.
  3. Gorgonzola Knife: For use on Gorgonzola and blue cheeses. Use the sharp blade to cut into wheels and
  4. wedges and the rounded tip to easily spread on crusty breads and crackers.
  5. Open Work Blade Knife: Use to cut bloomy/soft rind cheeses.
  6. Rind Cutter: Scores the rinds of hard cheeses quickly and neatly.
  7. Flat Spatula Knife: Used for cutting away excess rind and dividing small wedges.
  8. Almond Knife: Perfect for scoring the rind of hard cheese, opening wheels, dividing wedges and cutting cheeses into bite-sized pieces.
  9. Spade: Use to cut wedges and chunks of hard cheeses.
  10. Soft Cheese Knife: Use this knife to spread soft cheeses on crackers and other accompanying foods.
  11. Cheese Fork: Holds a block of cheese in place while you slice with a knife. Ideal for breaking hard, aged cheeses or softer, crumbly cheeses.
  12. Flat Cheese Knife: Used for cutting crumbly soft cheese or shaving, chipping and cubing firm cheeses.
  13. Narrow Plane Knife: Cuts a wide variety of cheeses from semi-firm cheeses like Cheddar to soft cheeses such as Brie.

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