Wine, Cheese and Charcuterie Guide

Wine Party Guide

Buying Guide

The most exciting part of planning your party is shopping for your wine, cheese and charcuterie. Follow this quick guide to ensure that you have everything you need for your event.

Buying Your Wine
How much wine to buy for a party infographic

Serve 3-4 different wine varietals, allowing guests to mix and match pairings to discover their favorite combinations.

Buying Your Cheese & Charcuterie
How much cheese and charcuterie to buy for a party infographic

Serve 4-5 types of cheeses and charcuterie that offer a variety of texture, age, composition (meat and milk), and appearance. Serve at least 1 traditional cheese and charcuterie for everyone to enjoy. Safe selections are cheddar or gouda for cheese, and prosciutto and salami for charcuterie.

Tip: Buy your cheeses and charcuterie cut to order and the day prior to your event, so they are fresh and ready to enjoy!

Essentials Checklist

• Wine glasses, cork screws and bottle openers
• Cheese/Charcuterie boards, cheese knives (1 per cheese)
• Serving forks, spoons and knives for jams and spreads
• Plates and/or bowls for accompaniments
• Ice, ice bucket, ice tongs
• Garbage can and bags
• 4-5 different cheeses, including one common variety
• 3-4 wine varietals
• 4-5 different charcuterie, including one common variety
• Assorted accompaniments

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