Cheese 101

Know Your Cheesemonger

Your cheesemonger handles cheese every day, so they have first-hand knowledge of which cheeses are taste best, what's new to the case, or particularly rare and exciting. Ask questions, taste and learn from the experts who know cheese best! Here are a few tips to utilizing your monger:

What's Fresh

Ask your merchant for their personal recommendations or preferences. What cheeses are in great condition that day? Which cheeses do they want to take home? What are they excited about?

Provide the Detals

Provide details on when and how you will be utilizing your cheese. Will you be serving it with other food, with wine, by itself?

More information = Better results.

Taste Test

Sample the cheese together to confirm that it's what you are looking for.

Scrape It

Ask your monger to scrape the cheese for you. Scraping ensures the proper cut and scrapping of any edges that may have been tainted by the surrounding foil, plastic wrap, etc.

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