Wine, Cheese and Charcuterie Guide

Charcuterie 101

Buying & Storing Your Charcuterie

Enjoy these quick and easy facts and tips for buying, storing making the most of your charcuterie!

"If it smells off, looks off or has unusual colors it is best not to put it in your mouth – trust your instincts"
- Fatted Calf

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Do - Keep it Fresh

Buy within 3-5 days of when you plan to enjoy. Purchase whole if you won't be enjoying it immediately.

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Do - Slice

Ask your local deli or charcutiers to cut the meat to a thickness that best highlights the flavors and textures of that particular product.

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Do - Store Properly

Refrigerate forcemeats and cut cured meats. Store wrapped in deli paper or plastic wrap. If possible, store uncut cured meats in a location that is maintained at 50-55F, such as a wine cellar.

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Don't - Leave Out

Avoid explosing cut meats to air or leaving out in a warm location, as this will cause the meats to oxidize and spoil.

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Don't - Dried Milk Products

Avoid products with "non-fat dry milk powder" as this is a binder and filler, and should not be in charcuterie.

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Don't - Keep Old Meats

Don't keep meats past their prime. Dispose of any meats that have "off" colors or smells.

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